• Name: Michael Welch
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Physical Education
    Degree(s): BGS, MaED

    I'm Mr. Welch. I teach Physical Education Classes, speciffically FITNESS AND SPORT.
    I am in my 26th year teaching. During that time, I have taught PE, Health, Weight Training, World History, US History, Sociology, Psychology, and Economics all at the High School level. 
    FITNESS AND SPORT is a 10th through 12th grade class, designed
    around CrossFit training methods. This is an elective course geared toward students
    who have already had a physical education course and the district required Health
    class. In this class students are required to dress in fitness specific clothing
    (t-shirts with sleeves, basketball type shorts, athletic shoes, etc), they are given
    time to change into and out of clothing. This class will give the student the
    opportunity to try a wide range of fitness activities, along with a variety of sports.
    Office hours: 3rd Per Advisory daily
    EMAIL: mwelch@phoenixunion.org
    Phone: 602-764-2321