• Cynthia K. Gross
    Ceramics  1/2,3/4, I S
    , A P, DE
    BFA Art Education from the University of Arizona, 
    MAT from Grand Canyon University 
    Grew up in Tucson, graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Art Education in 1993, moved to Phoenix and taught Visual Art at Isaac MiddleSchool for 14 years, graduated with my MAT from Grand Canyon University and started teaching Ceramics at Central High in 2007 until present. 


    CERAMICS 1-2

    Two-semester course, grade level 9, 10, 11, 12; $20.00 Fee Per Semester Prerequisite: None Ceramics 1-2 provides students with an opportunity to explore and experiment with three-dimensional design in clay. Students will develop an awareness of functional and nonfunctional form, a knowledge of ceramic techniques and an aesthetic understanding of design and craftsmanship. Students must complete semester one in order to participate in semester two, or with the approval of the Instructor.


    CERAMICS 3-4

    Two-semester course, grade level 10, 11, 12; $20.00 Fee Per Semester Prerequisite: Instructor approval This course provides the opportunity for students to become familiar with sources and characteristics of clay; preparation and usage of glazes; purposes, types and problems of firing; and aesthetic and functional design in three-dimensional items. The course includes opportunities for students to develop a variety of ceramic forms by hand-building methods as well as throwing on the potter’s wheel.


    CERAMICS 5-6

    Two-semester course This third year ceramics course is designed further develop student’s skills and techniques. Students will begin the production of a portfolio demonstrating artistic skills and techniques while creating artworks that build upon personal interest and/or themes that are relevant to the student. Students will gain additional experience in advanced ceramics skills.

    Office Hours Daily from 8:00-8:50 M, T, Th., and F  
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    Textbook: Experience Clay by Maureen Mackey

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