• Exceptional Student Services

    Thank you for visiting our department.  We have a wide variety of courses to accommodate learners on all levels. Please contact us with any questions about availability and requirements. 

    ESS Facilitator:
    Abby Kirkpatrick
    Phone: (602)764-3058
    ESS Senior Office Assistant:
    Yadira Lopez
    Phone: (602)764-3055
    ESS Office Assistant:
    Veronica Rivas
    Phone: (602)764-3057
    Krista Davis
    Phone: (602)764-3066
    Erin Corcoran
    Phone: (602)764-3066

    Stephanie Best

    Joseph Casillas

    Candace Clemens

    David Coey

    Karen Droney

    Iris Drower

    Priscilla Gomez

    Jacob Greenberg

    Matthew Harrison

    Chris Hogan

    Ron Knauel

    Silvia Oviedo

    Robin Samudio

    Greg Schmunk

    Patricia Villescas