• Marketing & Communications Department

    The Marketing Department is responsible for District marketing & communications, both external and internal. The department manages media and public relations, publications and graphic design, website and social media, marketing and advertising, district promotion, and special events. The Marketing office is located at the Center for Educational Excellence building, 5th Floor, 4502 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85012.

    Richard Franco
    Marketing & Communications Director
    Phone: 602-764-1528

    Merle Flores
    Marketing & Communications
    Bilingual Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 602-764-1528

    Jesualdo Romo
    Marketing & Communications Specialist
    Phone: 602-764-1526

    Jessica Chavarría
    Marketing & Communications Associate
    Phone: 602-764-1529

    Vanessa Herb
    Marketing & Communications Associate
    Phone: 602-764-1527


    Department Fax: 602-271-3550