•  Center For Marine Science
    Welcome to the Center For Marine Science at Carl Hayden Community High School

    Program Director: Faridodin "Fredi" Lajvardi
    Phone #: 480-266-9929
    Email: lajvardi@phxhs.k12.az.us
    Introduction to Marine Science: Faridodin Lajvardi
    Marine Biology: Beth Ellickson
    Applied Marine Science: Beth Ellickson
    Senior Marine Research: Faridodin Lajvardi
    The mission of the marine science program of the PUHSD is to guide students toward scientific literacy; promote exploration of scientific processes through active participation; provide appropriate curriculum, facilities, resources and personnel; provide appropriate opportunities for all students; and stimulate the curiosity of all students; so that every student can become a responsible citizen in our technological society and a knowledgeable steward of the earth. 

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