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    Carl Hayden Community High School

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    We believe computer science is for everyone, because computer science is everywhere. It makes life better. Join us and find out how.

    You belong here.

    The Center for Computer Studies Magnet Program provides students opportunities to use state of the art computer hardware and software to acquire the skills needed for success in college and career, particularly in a technical or computer field.
    Students enrolled in the Center for Computer Studies will be given exceptional opportunities to utilize the latest computer hardware and software packages. A student’s strong interest in computers will be met with a curriculum that emphasizes problem solving skills, teamwork and creativity through the creation of original projects. This Magnet provides its graduates the skills needed for success in college, particularly in a technical or computer field, or employment after high school.
    The Center for Computer Studies Magnet Program has highly qualified teachers, a progressive curriculum and state-of-the-art technology.
    The Computer Studies Magnet Program provides a selection of courses specializing in computer science and computer applications to all students at Carl Hayden High School. These courses give students important technology skills so they can make the world better.
    First Year Courses 
    Integrated Software 1 This one-semester course is an introduction to computer studies using a variety of application software. Students will learn how to use the computer as a learning tool, both for education in high school and college and also as essential skills for the workplace.

    Exploring Computer Science 1-2

    Exploring Computer Science is a beginning computer class for freshmen and sophomores as an introduction to computer science. Students will learn the basics of how a computer works, be introduced to the engineering process, and work on a variety of applications.

    Computer Science Honors 1-2

    This course can be taken as a first-year course for students interested in computer science or honors students. It can also be a second-year course following ECS. Topics such as the Internet, how a computer works, digital information, and big data will be covered. Students will also get extensive training in coding. Dual enrollment available.
    Second Year Courses
    Computer Graphic Design Students create real publishing projects using a variety of computing technologies. The Adobe Creative Suite will be used extensively, including InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Animate.
    Advanced Media Imaging Honors 1-2 This course focuses on creating and managing digital images for print, video and the web. Students study art history and learn to use Photoshop to recreate what they see. Dual enrollment available. Fine Arts Credit   
    AP Computer Science Principles 3-4 This course is appropriate for anyone on the coding track career. Also for any junior or senior who is interested in taking an AP computer course, even without prior programming experience. Dual enrollment available. University credit can be earned through AP exam.
    Innovative Technologies 1-2 There are two sections of this course. One section emphasizes robotics, engineering, and 3D design and printing. The other section emphasizes game design, particularly computer games and apps. This course can be repeated for credit,
    Third Year Courses
    AP Computer Science A 5-6 This course prepares students for the AP Computer Science college board test. Students will learn Java and intermediate to advanced programming techniques. University credit can be earned through AP exam.
    Networking & Operating Systems H 1-2 This course will teach students how to set up and manage a network system as well as learn about the three major operating systems. Students will also gain extensive knowledge on cybersecurity. The course prepares students for certification.
    Multimedia Presentations Honors 1-2 Students create multimedia presentations using the computer, digital imaging, video and sound. They also create a variety of animations and videos as message-delivery tools. Dual enrollment available. Fine Arts Credit 
    Fourth Year Courses
    Applied Computer Science H 1-2 This course is for advanced students who have completed three or more computer courses. They will choose their own course of study, such as online computer college courses, preparing for A+ certification, or doing advancing graphic design.
    Multimedia Presentations Honors 3-4 This course will continue animation and digital video projects. Dual enrollment available.