• Celebrating the Class of 2021!

    Class of 2021

    We're celebrating all PXU Seniors! Whether you are continuing your education at a college or university or entering the military or workforce, congratulations!  Please read below for some highlights from the Class of 2021!


Class of 2021 Highlight

Class of 2021 Spotlights

  • Jenna NguyenJenna Nguyen, Trevor Browne High School — Jenna spent two years of her life living out of motels before moving to Arizona, never quite feeling like she had a stable home. One day, she wants to provide that stable home for her family and it motivates her to work hard. Despite financial difficulties, she didn't let it get her down, and now, she is proud to be the first $3 million dollar scholar in PXU history. She plans to continue her education at Washington University in St. Louis where she will study Material Science and Engineering.

     ❝ The only thing people can ask for is your best. And you always have to put in your best effort, no matter what situation you're in. You have to focus on what you can control. ❞


  • Tyjah Battle

    Tyjah BattleBetty Fairfax High School — Tyjah Battle learned to navigate the difficulties of COVID-19 and is proud to be graduating from Betty Fairfax High School. During these challenging times, he's gained new experience with online classes and how to keep moving towards his goal. He's not only a soccer and track athlete but Betty Fairfax's 20-21 Student Body Vice President as well as treasurer for the National Honor Society. Tyjah will be attending Tuskegee University to pursue Aerospace Engineering. He hopes to one day work for NASA.

    ❝ Join clubs that you like, not just clubs cause your friends are in them. Join clubs that you think will be beneficial to you to grow and get out of your shell. ❞

  • Steven LeSteven LeTrevor Browne High School — Sophmore year kickstarted Steven's high school experience. While at Phoenix Union his study skills improved and discovered better habits and self-improvement. He began taking more AP classes Junior year and his Senior year applied to the QuestBridge program. QuestBridge allowed him to match to 12 different schools and he was accepted to Standford University, his top choice. Steven Le is proud of his high school career and how far he's come since middle school.

    ❝ With enough time, effort, and asking the right people for help, you can achieve anything. ❞

  • Karla Ramos GonzalezKarla Ramos Gonzalez, North High School — Karla is the Valedictorian at North High School for the 2021 school year and will be attending Yale University in the Fall. She was recently awarded the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship valued at $40,000, the Elks Scholarship valued at $2,000, and the PXU Black Alliance Scholarship valued at $2,000. She also co-created a support website for students in PXU. Congratulations on all of your success and best of luck at Yale!


Military Bound

  • PXU has a rich history of graduates serving in the US Military.  Please see below for a list of 2021 graduates who will be enlisting in the armed services after high school.

    Alhambra High School

    Ariel X. Hernandez Ramirez (Marine Corps) 

    Jahaziel Espinoza (Army National Guard)

    Miguel A. Garcia (Army)

    Nancy Vela Hernandez (Army Reserve)

    Betty Fairfax High School

    Charles Bailey (Army)

    Elijah Mensah (Navy)

    Matthew Tiquet (Army)

    Neviya Thompson (Navy)

    Cesar Chavez High School

    Lucio Acunia (Army)

    Ernesto Pena (Army)

    Kiana Ramirez Headshot

    Kiana Ramirez (Army Reserve)

    Carl Hayden Community High School

    Francisco Rodriguez Reyes (Army National Guard) 

    Ashley Mendoza headshot

    Ashley Mendoza (Army Reserves and Army ROTC at ASU)

    Maryvale High School

    Bryan Rios Para (Army) 

    Alexander Vanwinkle (Army) 

    Johnny Cifuentes (Marine Corps)

    North High School

    Alexandria Goldman (Army)

    Jacob Kronlund

    Jacob Kronlund (Marine Corps Reserve) (Simultaneously Navy/Marine Corps JROTC at ASU)

    Alex Matalacuatzi  (Marine Corps)

    Daniel Calvillo (Marine Corps)

    Trevor G. Browne High School

    Rainee Cabelaro (Army)

    Leilani Simon (Army)

    Nereyda Morales (Army Reserve)

    Jaime Lopez (AZ Army National Guard)

    Briana Lopez Ortega (Army)

    Lyle Johnson (Army)

University Bound

  • Gates Scholars

    The Gates Scholarship (TGS) is a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship for outstanding, minority, high school seniors from low-income households. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to 300 of these student leaders, with the intent of helping them realize their maximum potential.

    Steven Le, Trevor Browne High School

    Jesus Cebreros, Trevor Browne High School

    Gates Millennium Scholar

    Isaac Ajayi, North High School

    Flinn Scholars

    Twenty of Arizona’s highest-achieving high-school seniors have been awarded the prestigious Flinn Scholarship and will receive a full ride at one of the state’s public universities.  PXU is excited to announce that one of those twenty is from Bioscience High School.

    Sakina Lord, Bioscience High School

    TheDream.Us Scholarship

    Twenty-three PXU students were awarded TheDream.Us Scholarship out of 84 from across the state.

    Million Dollar Scholars

    Phoenix Union is proud to celebrate all of our graduating seniors.  Whether they are attending college, enlisting in the armed forces, or starting their career, we are proud of you all.  The list below highlights all PXU graduating seniors who have earned at least $1 Million in scholarships.

    $3 Million Scholar

    Jenna Nguyen, Trevor G. Browne High School 

    The first $3 Million scholar in PXU history!

    $2 Million Scholar

    Jesus Cebreros, Trevor G. Browne High School

    Sakina Lord, Bioscience High School

    Gabriel Santa Cruz, North High School

    $1 Million Scholar

    Jaquelin Cantu Balmaceda, North High School

    Lorena Calderon, Metro Tech High School

    Ashley Luna, Metro Tech High School

    Ariana Panduro, Metro Tech High School

    Dafne Carbajal Perez, Trevor G. Browne High School

    Dulce Ramirez, Central High School

    Daniela Salazar, Maryvale High School

    Diego Villapando, Maryvale High School

    Zuniga Yesenia, North High School