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    Welcome to Camelback Montessori College Preparatory!  As the first and only public Montessori high school program in Arizona, our microschool provides a holistic education where the adolescent can learn, grow, and develop in an environment that balances the unique need of the individual learner with importance of interdependence within a community.  Students take their core subjects through the Montessori program(math, social studies, English, natural sciences) in an all-honors curriculum and grade-level cohorts share cross-curricular themes.   Our students embrace the diversity of being part of a larger comprehensive campus and engage in electives, clubs, and sports alongside other Camelback High School students.  Some of our Montessori structures include: longer block periods for uninterrupted learning, student work checklists for executive function and time management, community rituals and events to foster relationships, hands-on project-based work, regular field studies to extend learning beyond the classroom, and a service-learning curriculum to genuinely engage with society.  In addition, all staff in our program educate and guide our students with planning for post-secondary success, with a heavy emphasis on enrollment in college/university that is both an academic fit as well as a financial fit by earning grants, scholarships, and other aid. 

    Please find more information about our program at www.camelbackmontessori.org

    Thank you for your interest in applying to Camelback Montessori. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Electronic submission of your application materials will ensure the fastest and safest processing.  \If possible, transcripts and teacher letters of recommendation can be emailed directly to camelbackmontessori@gmail.com.


    Applying to Camelback Montessori College Preparatory requires the following:

    • Student Enrollment Form
    • Open Enrollment Form
    • Two teacher letters of recommendation: Please use the provided forms in the application or email camelbackmontessori@gmail.com from your school email address to request an electronic link.
    • A one-to-two paragraph statement explaining why the student wants to attend CMCP
    • School records/transcripts from 7th and 8th grade

    Printable Application

    Access a printable copy of our application. In addition, please print the following Phoenix Union enrollment forms:

    Enrollment Form (English or Spanish)

    Open Enrollment Form (English or Spanish)


    Mailing Address

    All primary and supplementary application forms can be mailed to:

    ATTN: Camelback Montessori
    Camelback High School
    4612 North 28th Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85016

    In addition, scanned copies of primary and supplementary materials (with the exception of school records/transcripts and letters of recommendation) may be emailed to: camelbackmontessori@gmail.com.

    Electronic Application

    To apply online:

    In addition, we require the following:

    • Open Enrollment Form: Download and print the Phoenix Union Open Enrollment Form and select Camelback Montessori.
    • Academic Record: A copy of your middle school transcript or school records (both 7th and 8th grade) must be included in a sealed envelope. Please have a member of school administration (principal, counselor, etc) sign across the seal and mail.
    • Submit two letters of recommendation (required): The letters must be written by two of your teachers within the past year. In addition, the letters must be mailed directly to Camelback High School or submitted electronically. You may use the Printable Teacher Recommendation Form or have your teacher email camelbackmontessori@gmail.com for an online recommendation form. (Optional: One letter of recommendation by an adult other than a teacher—i.e. coach, club sponsor, pastor, etc.—to be mailed directly to Camelback High School or submitted electronically.)