The application will close MAY 3, 2023.

    Please read and follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS. 


    To learn more about IB: IB VIDEO  


    1.  Complete the application in its entirety.    This is an online document. Please complete online and submit via email to krubio@phoenixunion.org

    • Save your application as Last Name- First Name
    • Applications received after deadline will not be accepted.
    • Email your saved application to: vevens@phoenixunion.org
    • For Signatures: TYPE YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME IN ALL CAPS. Typed name will be accepted as Signature.

    2.  You must use Adobe PDF to complete the application. Google Docs and Word Documents will not be accepted. 

    3. Letters of Recommendation - NOT REQUIRED FOR SPRING 2023 APPLICATION

    • Submit two letters of recommendation (non-Family Member). 
    • Recommendations must be emailed by the recommender to: krubio@phoenixunion.org

    4.  Teacher Recommendations


    • You must email the recommendation form to your Teachers. Copy the link and email to your teachers.
    • Teachers will submit their recommendation via email: krubio@phoenixunion.org

    5. Student Introduction Video

    • Create a short video of yourself using your laptop camera app.
    • In a two minute video address the following:
      • Full Name
      • Year (Class of __________)
      • Describe your character in a couple of sentences.
      • Describe a time you learned something new and what you learned about yourself from that experience.
      • What activities do you enjoy?
      • What is an unusual habit or absurd thing you love that will make us remember you?
      • Save your video as Last Name-First Name
      • Share your file with Ms. Rubio at: krubio@phoenixunion.org


    1. Open the camera app on your laptop.
    2. Select Video
    3. Create a short video answering the highlighted above.
    4. Save the recorded video as Last Name-First Name and save the file to your ONE DRIVE.
    5. Right click the file, select SHARE, then select MAIL.
    6. Share the saved file with krubio@phoenixunion.org






    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    If you have questions, contact Ms. Rubio, IB Office Assistant, at 602-764-9044, via email at krubio@phoenixunion.org.