• Camelback Virtual Academy  

    Mission and Vision:   
    To create opportunities for at-risk students, accelerated students, elite athletes, performers in the arts, dropouts, pregnant students, incarcerated students, and students who are home-bound due to illness or injury, allowing them to continue and/or accelerate their studies outside the traditional classroom.
    • Using the Edgenuity curriculum students work at their own pace to complete the required core classes for graduation.
    • There are no specific end dates for each classes. As a student completes one course she/he will be rolled into the next one needed.
    • Students have the opportunity to accrue credits faster than in traditional classes.
    • As this curriculum is Internet based, students are able to work on it at home, or anywhere else they have an Internet connection.
    • For the 2018-2019 school year, students will have several opportunities to participate in Camelback Virtual classes. Classes will be offered 4th - 10th periods