•  Nursing Goal, Objectives, and Outcomes

    School nurses assist in the attainment of optimal health for each student in a healthful and adaptive environment so that maximum education is possible.

    Objectives: How will your program accomplish the program goals? What steps do you intend to take to accomplish your program goals?

    • To be an advocate for the health rights of students and their families, both within the school setting and between the school  community at large
    • To educates students about conditions affecting their health and to assist them with assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of treatment methods while addressing individual needs in a holistic manner.
    • To educate students to take responsibility for their physical and emotional wellbeing.
    • To maintain confidentiality as required by application directives (eg, Board policies, FERPA, HIPPA)
    • To maximize student health and wellness by collaborating with administers, school and other PUHSD staff, other school nurses, community resources, and community health care providers.
    • To maximize student health and wellness by delivering needed health services to the school /client system using systematic processes to assess needs, plan interventions, and evaluate outcomes.
    • To minimize the impact of illness on students  and thereby increase student attendance and graduation rates
    • To provide health counseling or referral recommendations for students and their families when needed. Increase student attendance

    Outcomes: What results are you expecting your program to yield?  What data/evidence will you present to will show your goals and objectives have been met? How will you measure program’s effectiveness?

    • Becoming more proactive rather than always reactive.  Whomever a student discloses medical information to, that individual should escort the student to the school nurse.  Hopefully this will  decrease of 911 calls
    • A decrease in the amount of visits to the school nurse for routine matters. A school nurse facilitates positive student changes hopefully by educating the student each time they visit the office.
    • Collaboration with others to build family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy, and learning. Hopefully having fewer students and families in crisis.
    • Documentation: a core principal for every school nurse.  Every office visit is documented.  From the documentation we can derived information such as frequency,; how often is a student visiting the school nurse and for what reason.  Care plans are established to create a way to safely case manage our more vulnerable and chronically ill students. This information is shared with other school personnel on a need to know basis..
    • Reports generated through Synergy – these can show compliancy with immunizations, give a complete read out of a students’ visit to the nurse, track cases of communicable diseases, or other medical conditions, and ultimately provide the data of how many visits to the school nurse there was in a year, semester, etc.