•     Even though your family or community might have prescribed a news media outlet that you have listened to or read from throughout your life, I invite you to visit several news sites to broaden your horizons. This act will not only help you develop multiple perspectives on events that occur or issues that arise in our nation or world, but by being aware of what is going on in the world you will be enlightened on what you may never have known exists be it cultures of others, plights of countries, or financial crises that might affect your future.
         To prepare yourself for this assignment please watch news programs, clips and/or videos daily to familiarize yourself with events in the news to acquire background knowledge on a topic that might interest you. Furthermore, you might be confused while reading an article; live reporting and/or visuals may be helpful in your understanding of the article. However, the written assignment MUST be on the written article.
         I personally do not recommend one website or news source over any other, but you MUST remember that you are to find ECONOMIC OR POLITICAL EVENTS OR ISSUES in the news. Entertainment, sports, or personal interest articles, although interesting and easy to understand, are not the basis for this assignment. If you erroneously write about an inappropriate topic you will not receive credit or an extension. (P.S. If you did not pick this up by now, I do not accept work late anyway.)

     Helpful Websites to Get You Started
    Local News
       Associated with Channel 12 News & The Arizona Republic Newspaper
    National News
    1. CNN
       Stands for "Cable News Network" and a member of Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
       "Fair & Balanced"
       "A Fuller Spectrum of News"
       A division of Gannett Co. Inc.
    International News
    1. BBC
       Stands for "British Broadcasting Corporation." It was founded in 1927, and their mission statement is interesting: "To enrich people's lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain." Regarded by many around the world as the premier international news source.

    BEWARE!! ALL news outlets report stories based upon their editors' opinions and choices, public sentiment, and, overall, to get ratings (think money). Although many news media sources claim to have the most unbiased news reporting, pay attention to the slant or angle a news story takes. Please make sure that you are reading a news article and NOT an editorial, or opinion, piece.