• Mandatory Liability Insurance is required for all rental events and any subcontractor employed or sponsored by lessee must be specifically named as an insured in the Lesse's Certificate of Insurance or must provide own certificate.
    Mandatory Liability Insurance pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-1105, Lessee agrees to procure and maintain at its own expense and for the entire lease period, a policy of general liability insurance, against claims for bodily injury, death, and property damage in conjunction with Lessee's use of any District facility, or the contents of any District facility, which insurance shall name the Phoenix Union High School District No. 210 as an additional insured and be primary and non-contributing to any coverage maintained by on behalf of the District. Such insurance shall have minimum limits of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, and Lessee shall provide the District with a certificate of liability insurance evidencing such insurance coverage is in effect. Any subcontractor or other third party sponsored by the Lessee must either be named specifically on the Lessee's Certificate as an "insured" or provide a separate Certificate identifying itself as an insured. 
    Phoenix Union High School District address is as follows:
    4502 N. Central Ave.
    Phoenix, AZ 85012
    Attn: Melody Bach-Hodnefield - 2nd Floor
    Please be sure to name Phoenix Union High School District #210 as the certificate holder and additional insured; and please ask your insurance representative to indicate the event's name, date, and the school name under the section called "Description of Operations".