• Scholarships available to High school students


     4 year national scholarship

     High school JROTC scholarships

    3 year Advanced Designee scholarships

     4 year dedicated ARNG (Army National Guard)Scholarships

    MJC (Military Junior College) - pays tuition and fees  for 2 years.


     3 Selection Factors considered are

     Military potential

     Personal qualities



    Whole Person Concept

     School activities


     Academic discipline

     Athletic involvement


      4-Year National Scholarship Program


    4-Year National Scholarship Program

    (Pays tuition and fees for four years)


    Items considered in the application are

     Interview 10%

      Faculty evaluations 10%

     Participation in high school activities 20%

     SAT/ACT score 25%

     Selection Board 35%

    (whole person score)