• Counselor Directory

    Counselor information is listed in alphabetical order by school campus below. Learn more about our Lead Counselors by campus, and visit the "Prepare for Your Future" links on our website to learn more about academic success supports, college help and resources, and services offered by our talented team of PXU Counselors.

Counselor School Phone Number Email Address Specialty Program
Baumhover, Cynthia Alhambra 602-764-6051 baumhover@phoenixunion.org AVID/ESS/Magnet
Di Nello, Jennifer Alhambra 602-764-6039 dinello@phoenixunion.org IL/Magnet/ESS/ELL
Dominguez, Aviana Alhambra 602-764-6054 adominguez@phoenixunion.org 9th/ESS/ELL/Magnet
Gordoa, Katie Alhambra 602-764-6052 gordoa@phoenixunion.org Magnet/ESS
King, Cindy Alhambra 602-764-6045 cking1@phoenixunion.org AVID/ELL/ESS/Magnet
Lorenz, Laura Alhambra 602-764-6072 llorenz@phoenixunion.org ESS/ELL/Magnet
Miller, Sara Alhambra 602-764-6046 smiller2@phoenixunion.org ELL/ESS/Magnet
Samaniego, Virginia Alhambra 602-764-6056 vsamaniego@phoenixunion.org ELL/ESS/Magnet
Short, Patricia Alhambra 602-764-6053 short@phoenixunion.org 9th/ESS/Magnet/ELL
Bundy, Lisa Betty Fairfax 602-764-9033 bundy@phoenixunion.org Mo-Sam
Daoust, Joyce Betty Fairfax 602-764-9034 daoust@phoenixunion.org D-Ho
Del Rincon, Luis Betty Fairfax 602-764-9031 delrincon@phoenixunion.org ELL/A-C
Herrea, Licet Betty Fairfax 602-764-9035 lherrera@phoenixunion.org Hu-Mi
Jones -Farley, Angelina Betty Fairfax 602-764-9030 ajones-farley@phoenixunion.org IL/San-Z/International
Shew-Plummer, Heather Betty Fairfax 602-764-9032 shewplummer@phoenixunion.org ESS
Haggerty, Pamela Bioscience 602-764-5602 pHaggerty@PhoenixUnion.org
Lawrence, Marissa Bostrom 602-764-1750 mlawrence@PhoenixUnion.ORG
Ahmad, Jennifer Camelback 602-764-7053 ahmad@phoenixunion.org ELL
Badalamente, Cindee Camelback 602-764-7028 badalamente@phoenixunion.org AVID/ESS
Benson, Mark Camelback 602-764-7032 mbenson@phoenixunion.org IL/ESS/ELL
Mendivil, Melissa Camelback 602-764-7029 mmendivil@PhoenixUnion.org ESS
Meza, Monica Camelback 602-764-7104 meza@phoenixunion.org ELL
Obeng, Beth Camelback 602-764-7030 bobeng@phoenixunion.org AVID/Montessori
Stovall, Libby Camelback 602-764-7093 lstovall@phoenixunion.org AVID/ELL
Brown, Heather Carl Hayden 602-764-3016 hbrown@phoenixunion.org