• "At its heart, the IB is a student-centered non-profit working to develop intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills for students that live, learn and work in a rapidly changing world."

    Parents of past, current and potential IB students have a vested interest in the quality of the IB and the benefits an IB education can provide their children.  Parents of IB Diploma Programme (DP) students are keenly aware of the rigour of the IB, as the intensity of the programme draws the cohort together, creating a strong bond between those students and the IB.  In much the same way, parents and siblings of IB Diploma students live that experience vicariously as the students work toward their IB diplomas." 

    We encourage parents to contact the IB Coordinator with any questions regarding our IB Program!  

    For information on how IB benefits your student please visit: IB Benefits