• Betty H. Fairfax

    Open Enrollment

    The IB Diploma Program at Betty H. Fairfax High school (BFHS) is school-wide and offered to all students as honors coursework. Students may elect to enroll in the full DP Program or may choose individual IB classes beginning at grade 11. Students may further elect to enroll in the full DP program or take individual courses in areas of interest and ability. Placement in the DP program is not competitive and students attending non-IB schools in the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) may transfer to attend BFHS to take part in the DP Program.

    The IB DP Program is an accelerated college preparatory program and is identified as a “Honors Track” within the State of Arizona/Maricopa County Public Schools.

    DP Candidacy Admissions Process

    Students interested in completing the DP Program submit an application of interest at grade 9 or 10 during the application period October 1 - October 15 of the academic year. Students who enroll at BFHS after grade 10 are considered as necessary. The application is submitted to the IB Coordinator and acceptance is determined by the IB Application Review Committee consisting of IB Teachers, Administrators and IB Counselor. In addition, the committee reviews grades, attendance and discipline records. Based on the application and how well applicants meet background criteria, students are recommended for Candidacy and both students and parents/guardians are formally notified by letter. Students who do not meet the background recommendation will be offered an alternative program (Advancement Via Individual Determination - AVID) and Pre-IB honors coursework in preparation for IB courses beginning in Grade 11 at which time they may elect IB E2 Candidacy and enroll in courses of interest for study. All students enrolled at BFHS have the option to take IB courses and are encouraged to participate in examinations.  If a student does not meet the recommendation as outlined, they may appeal to the IB Coordinator for consideration for Candidacy.

    Students who do not wish to complete DP Program do not submit an application but are offered to enroll in AVID, honors coursework, and/or IB coursework at grades 11 and 12.


    Diploma Program

    This is a two-year program that begins in students' 11th-grade year. There are two tracks for candidacy, the diploma or certificate track.

    1. Diploma CandidacyFHS IB

    Students partake in ALL IB classes, testing in  6 core subjects (English, math, foreign language, history, science, and an elective). 

    2. Course Candidacy

    Requires students to partake in at least THREE (3) IB classes and test in these subjects.  

    *Classes will vary

    3. Required Elective Coursework

    Students who have completed the Candidacy Admissions Process are required to take the following Elective Coursework:

    Grade 11 Semester 1 Research Methods / Semester 2 Theory of Knowledge 1

    Grade 12 Semester 1Theory of Knowledge 2 / Semester 2 Experiential Learning CAS

    * All students identified as "Candidate" are required to complete the Extended Essay, CAS, and Theory of Knowledge Course