• Donald R. Sheldon
    Name: Donald R. Sheldon
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Computer & Network Technologies Second-Year (3-4)
    Degree(s): Doctorate of Divinity   (D.D.);
                        Masters of Education   (M.Ed Secondary Education);
                        Bachelors of Theology (B.Th)


    Welcome To Metro Tech High School Phoenix Campus 


    Are you Ready For Your Future?


    Do You Know Where You Are Headed?

    What is Your Passion in Life?
    Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Vision Working In Computer & Network Technology?
    If you are ready for a challenge, ready to take a bold step in a direction that will move you closer to your purpose and destiny, ready to position yourself in a career that will maximize your passion for technology and equip you for the future, then the Computer Network & Cyber Security Technology Program is just the program for you.
    You are not just another number or student, but you are an embodiment of potential waiting to master college, career, and life. My job as a teacher is to help you get there!

    I am looking forward to seeing you in my class where leaders are developed and champions are birthed to impact and influence the world for the next generation.


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    Donald R. Sheldon