• Statements of Intent for 2021-2022

    Phoenix Union Colleagues, 

    The Statement of Intent (SOI) process is now open for the 2021-2022 school year. The SOI process is used to propose course additions/changes to the PXU course catalog. 

    • Please note: the 2021-2022 submission deadline is September 9, 2020.

    Statement of Intent Committee

    The 2021-2022 Statement of Intent Committee will meet this fall to review new course submissions, revisions, name changes, or deletions.  Criteria for evaluation will include how the proposed additions, changes or deletions will:

    • Affect current courses/programs already approved in the course catalog
    • Crosswalk to the Student-Teacher Course Connection interface required by ADE
    • Align to state standards
    • Create opportunities for college enrollment
    • Meet approval or acceptance guidelines by the Arizona Board of Regents and/or NCAA clearing house 

    Updates in Application

    The application has been updated and is requesting that you provide alignment to state standards, identify any similar courses in the PXU course catalog and research if the course currently approved by the Arizona Board of Regents and/or NCAA clearing house.

    Campus Committee

    When a course request is unique to a campus, the initiator of the course will need to work directly with the campus Unit Chair and Campus Committee to present the course and have a review at the campus level. It is important that you know when your campus committee meets so you can submit the SOI for review. Your campus Unit Chair can assist you with this. 

    Verification Form

    To be considered a complete proposal, the initiator must complete the Microsoft o365 Proposal Form and Verification Form. The signed Verification Form will be uploaded as an attachment as part of the application and is required for all submissions. Please find all necessary documents and links below. 

    If you have any questions or need assistance with the SOI process, please reach out to your school leadership or the Office of Student Learning at 602-764-1324.

    Professional Language, Proc. 2-5


    1. Prior to implementation of a new course or course title change, a written proposal shall be submitted to the Statements of Intent Committee as part of the curriculum development process and shall include the following information:
      1. Purpose.
      2. Goals and Indicators.
      3. Delineation of the staff needed to include:
        • The number of teachers needed
        • The department from which each teacher shall be assigned
    2. Any additional qualifications/certification required.
      1. The number of released periods, if any, requested for the Program Manager or others within the program and why the release periods are needed.
      2. Suggestions made by the Campus Committee regarding approval of, or modifications to be the written proposal, if the proposal is initiated at the campus level.
      3. The analysis of new courses shall include the impact of such courses on facilities, personnel, equipment, budget, and existing programs before such courses are approved.
    3. When a new course is contemplated for implantation on a campus or campuses, consideration shall be given to its impact on each campus as outlined in B. The curriculum and methods of course evaluation shall be detailed, with the course subject to approval by the appropriate District personnel.
    4. Courses which have been approved through the Statements of Intent process and adopted by the Governing Board shall be evaluated following their initial year of implementation and a report submitted to the Statements of Intent Committee. The committee will recommend continuation, modification, elimination, or adoption as part of the regular program of study to the Chief Academic Officer.


    SOI Verification Form

    PXU Statement of Intent Proposal 2021-2022 Form  

    Honors Guidelines