•  Political Parties Webquest

    Using the following websites:

    Republican Party- http://www.gop.com/


    Democratic Party- http://www.democrats.org/

    Green Party- http://www.gp.org/


    Libertarian Party- http://www.lp.org/


    For each of the 4 parties answer the following questions on another sheet of paper:

    1. What does the party stand for? (Look for the “About us” link on the respective site)

    2.  What is the history of the party?

    3. What are some of the main public policy issues they emphasize or highlight?

    4. What types of features does the website have to get someone interested and involved with the party?

    5. What demographic and/or interest groups does the party try to appeal to?


    Also do this!

    Using the following website:



    Pick 5 additional important 3rd parties and answer the following for each:

    1. What is the name of the party?

    2. When was the party formed?

    3. What time period in our history were they most important?

    4. What was the best showing the party has had in the popular and/or electoral vote for president (list year and rank!)

    5. Which of the 4 types of 3rd parties were/are they (ideological, bolter/splinter/factional, single issue, economic-protest)?