• Parent Volunteers

    Parents who will have student contact must complete the volunteer clearance process. Student contact includes any one-on-one contact such as tutoring and overnight/out-of-town field trips.

    Parents who wish to volunteer on a campus where their son/daughter is enrolled and in situations where minimal student contact will occur may not need to be fingerprinted and processed at the district office. Minimal contact situations include activities such as translating, Xeroxing, a one-time assist on a local/school-day field trip, office help, or trash pickup.

    Parents should contact the campus community liaison to determine the level of clearance required.

    Becoming a Parent Volunteer

    Parents who want to volunteer for roles that require clearance should complete the following steps:

    1. Meet with campus Community Liaison to complete the volunteer packet. The packet includes a Request for Clearance Approval for Campus Service Providers (with administrator approval), a Campus Work Agreement, a Background Information Form, and an Insurance Disclaimer for Non-Employee.

    2. Proceed to district office with completed volunteer packet for fingerprinting and processing at no cost.

    3. Receive a processing receipt and return it to the campus community liaison. A receipt does not authorize an individual to begin having student contact—the community liaison will contact the individual upon receiving notification of initial clearance.

    4. Sign in and our whenever entering or leaving campus.

    A copy of the volunteer packet will be kept on file at the site with the community liaison, and a copy of all clearance paperwork must be forwarded to the dropout programs developer.