•  Plan for Success

    Students will receive credit for:

    Cooking Technique – Projects
    ii.      Test

                                                   iii.      Class Participation


    Work will only be accepted if it is COMPLETE.  Credit will NOT be given for incomplete work.


    Do Not Be Tardy – or you will wash dishes, mop and scrub floors in the culinary kitchen. Tardiness will not be tolerated.


    Plagiarized work will NOT be accepted and will receive 0 points for BOTH parties.


    Absentee work will be accepted following the student’s return to class, if the absence is APPROVED.  You have twice the number of days you were excused to complete the missed work.


    Grades will use the following scale:


    100 – 85  A

    84 – 75    B

    74 – 70    C

    69 – 60    D

    59 and below F