AP U.S. Government and Politics

    Political Ideology Questions

    Are you a Conservative or a Liberal(or a Libertarian or a Populist/Communitarian/ Authoritarian)?


    Instructions: Complete Quiz #1 and Quiz #2.


    Quiz #1: IDEAlog 11 Instructions

    1.     Take theIDEAlog 11quiz at http://idealog.org/en/quiz/703ca74d. Read the introduction.

    3.    Click through and read the introduction and the tutorial.

    4.     Answer the 20 quiz questions.WARNING!!! WARNING!!! As you answer the quiz questions pay attention to where your dot is on the matrix.

    5.     Go up to the board and place a dot on where you fell in the matrix at the end of the questions.

    6.     Answer the questions below.


    IDEAlog Questions

    1.     What was your “Departure from Freedom” score for:

    a.      order?


    b.     equality?


    2.     Which did you value more, freedom or order in the social realm?



    3.     Which did you value more, freedom or equality in the economic realm?




    4.     According to IDEAlog what political ideology do you have?




    5.     Which political party do you most identify with (if you know)?


    Quiz #2: World’s Smallest Political Quiz Instructions

    1.     Go to http://www.theadvocates.org/content/learn-more-about-the-world-s-smallest-political-quiz?nav=quiz and read about the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

    2.     Take the quiz at http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html and when all of the questions are answered click on “Score Now”.

    3.     When the political profile map displays on the next you can see what your political ideology is. Then read about each of the 5 political ideologies and see if the description of your ideology matches with your beliefs.

    4.     Go up to the board and place a dot on where you fell in the matrix.

    5.     Answer the questions below:


    World’s Smallest Political Quiz Questions

    1.     On personal/social issues how did you score? Did you place a high or low value on individual liberty/choice?



    2.     On economic issues how did you score? Did you place a high or low value on economic freedom?



    3.     According to the quiz what political ideology/profile do you have?



    4.     Administer the World Smallest Political Quiz to at least one parent or other adult relative to see how much you share their beliefs.


    a.      According to the World’s Smallest Political Quiz what political ideology/profile did your parent(s) have?




    b.     Was their ideology similar or different from your own? What factors might account for this?


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