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    Betty H. Fairfax High School

    8225 South 59th Avenue

    Laveen, Arizona 85339


    Mr. Gonzalez Room 4221

    Mrs. Valadez Room 4222

    Spanish 1-2


    Office Hours: After school until 3:30pm or by appointment

    Phone Number: Mr. Gonzalez (602) 764- 9000 Ext. 49226 (7:30am- 3:30pm)

                               Mr. Valadez (602) 764-9000 Ext. 49227 (7:30am- 3:30pm)

    cgonzalez@phoenixunion.org (All Day)

    ovaladez@phoenixunion.org (All Day)



    1. Course description: Spanish 1-2

    Two-semester course, grade level 9, 10, 11, 12

    Prerequisite:  None

    Spanish 1-2 is designed to give students basic proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and aural understanding in the Spanish language. Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) will be used as a teaching strategy.  Audio/visual techniques will be used.  Students will be creating presentations using podcasts and PowerPoint.  Emphasis is on development of oral proficiency and knowledge of Spanish speaking cultures.


    1. Required Materials:
    • Interactive Spiral Notebook (required)
    • Colored pencils, transparent tape, pens, pencils and erasers, highlighters (required)
    • Auténtico Textbook by Pearson (provided)
    • Spanish/English dictionary highly recommended




    1. Grading System

    1st term

    2nd term

    Final exam





    The term grades


    Interactive Notebook







    Grading Scale:

    A= 90-100%

    B= 80-89%

    C= 70-79%

    D= 60-69%

    F= Below 59%



    1. Title I Program: Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading and English.  If interested, please contact the Principal Phillip Wooley or Assistant Principal for Instruction Lwazi Megwa for additional information at 602 764-4095.



    1. Make-up Policy: All work is expected to be handed in on time. It is the responsibility of the student to inform instructor if they will miss or missed a class day. Late work will only be accepted during advisory period in order to receive full credit. Any questions about late work will not be dealt with during class time. Late work must be handed in at least three days prior to the end of the three-week grading period. If not handed three days prior to end of grading period will be still be accepted at a loss of 30%. Students are able to redo/make-up assessments for a better grade up until the end of that grading period.  



    1. Attendance: “Absent” is defined as nonattendance in an assigned class or activity for more than one-half of the period. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)

     “Tardy” is defined as not being in the assigned class or activity when the tardy bell has finished ringing. (PUHSD Governing Board Policy J-1561 JHR)


    Students may fail the class for the semester in any course, when reaching a total of 12 excused/unexcused absences and after school-documented interventions have been exhausted. (Student Procedures Handbook page 22)


    1. Communication: Communication between students, parents/guardians, and teachers is highly encouraged. My Email is listed above for any parents that would like to contact me with any questions about assignments. Synergy can also be used to send messages via ‘Streams’ tab.

                                                                    I can be reached via phone before and after school.


    1. Rules and Consequences: Classroom rules are based on the PBIS model at Fairfax in which all students are encouraged to be a Stampede by:

                                                                                    Being Respectful




                                                                    Consequences for demonstrating characteristics other than those listed above will be in accordance of Fairfax Code of Conduct and classroom rules (handout).          

    School policy, found in student handbook, on electronic devices and tardiness will be followed in the classroom.




    Rules of the World Language Department



    1)            RESPECT:             


    1. Respect other people’s property


    1. There can be no talking when somebody else is talking


    1. No gum or food is permitted in the classroom. Only bottled water is allowed.


    1. No talking during quizzes and exams








    2)            RESPONSIBILITY:           


    1. Be in your seats from bell to bell.


    1. Complete all classwork and homework assigned.


    1. Be on time every day. Tardiness will result in a detention.


    1. Unless you are engaged in group activities, please remain in your seats


    1. Use time effectively between classes to use the restroom.




    • My computer and desk and cabinet areas are always off limits. You may NEVER touch and or take thing off of my desk without permission or prior approval. My desk and computer contain sensitive information about students and school related matters.


    • Cell phones are only allowed to be used in class during special projects.  Cell phones significantly interfere with classroom instruction.  Visible cell phones will be confiscated and sent to the Dean’s office.   Repeat offenders will receive a written referral and school consequences will follow.  Your parents/guardians will have to reclaim your phone each time from the Dean’s office. Phones must remain off and out of sight at all times!
    • No hats of any kind in class.
    • The area around your desk must remain clean and tidy before you will be dismissed from class each day.
    • You may not pack things up early unless I tell you to do so and/ or line up at the door. Remain seated until the bell rings.



    Interactive Notebook system


    You will be required to keep an Interactive notebook/binder.  You must take careful class notes on a regular basis. It is highly important for you to understand that a large part of your grade for each quarter and for the semester is directly related to your Interactive Notebook notes! (33%)


    Your notebook will be assessed on the following criteria:

    • Completion of class work assignments
    • Maintaining a  neat and complete interactive notebook
    • Completion of learned vocabulary words
    • Completion of daily notes taken in class – When you see me writing information on the board that is your clue that you must write down what I am writing!


    It is expected that you keep your notebook up to date, and ready for possible spot checks. If your notebook is a spiral notebook, it must have pocket folders.  The “Mead 5 Star Notebook” is highly recommended. 

    The notebook will serve as a portfolio that students may use to observe progress in class.

    Prior notice will be given for notebook checks.


    Classroom Expectations


    1. Be on time.
    2. Cell phones off and place in Backpack.
    3. Pencils and interactive notebooks on desk.
    4. Place backpack on floor.
    5. Stay in your seat.

    Consequences:    if you choose to break the rules

    Poor sutdent behavior will result in sepcific consequences. Lack of respect and responsibility will not be tolerated.


    IN CASE OF SERIOUS MISBEHAVIOR: Students will be immediately removed from the classroom for the rest of the period in case of major infraction or 2 cumulative minor infractions with the last one related to misbehavior.

    SEATING: Mr. G will assigned seats.















    Signature Page


    Students and parents/guardians, please sign and return within 5 days of the start of the school year. A copy of this plan for success and student orientation guide should be kept in the student’s notebook at all times. Thank you!




    I have received and read the Plan for Success for Mr. Gonzalez I/II Spanish MYP Class.




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    ________________________ (signature)




    I have read and understand these rules.  I agree to abide by and follow Mr. Gonzalez Classroom Rules.


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