A grade is an assessment by the teacher of how well a student is performing in a class through a specified time period.  A grade is based on observation by the teacher, participation by the student, and more specific data such as scores on exams and assignments when available.  A grade cannot be exclusively determined by mathematical calculations, as the professional judgment of the teacher must enter into assessing a student's effort and whether he/she is working to potential.


       A teacher shall issue, on a weekly basis, a "Notice of Failure" to each student who is subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation and is not passing.  This weekly "Notice of Failure" shall be the teacher's assessment of the student's participation in class, attendance, effort to complete assignments, and whether the student is working to potential.  This "Notice of Failure" shall not necessarily access the student's mastery of content in the course.  Guidelines for issuance of the "Notice of Failure" follow:


    1.     By noon on Monday of each week of the school year, coaches and sponsors of activities subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation shall provide the Assistant Principal for Athletics a list of all participants in each sport or activity.  The Assistant Principal shall develop a computer­ized list of all participants.


    2.    At the beginning of the season of a particular sport, each classroom teacher will be given a roster of his/her students who are subject to the No Pass/No Play regulation.


    3.    The teacher shall indicate on the roster only those students not passing or in danger of failing the course through that week.  If any of the students are so indicated, the teacher shall return this roster to the Assistant Principal for Athletics by 1:00 p.m.  each Thursday.


    4.    By 4:00 p.m. on each Friday, the Assistant Principal for Athletics shall provide lists of students who have been designated as failing or in danger of failing any courses to all coaches, sponsors, and head counselors.


    5.    A student who is not passing all courses in which he/she is enrolled as of Friday of any school week shall be ineligible to participate in a sport or activity for the following week, Monday through Saturday.

    6.    By 4:00 p.m. on each Friday, the Assistant Principal for Althletics shall generate and mail to each parent of an ineligible student a letter of notification. 

    7.    During a private conference with the student, the sponsor/coach will review with the student the options for remediation available to the student in order to clear the deficiency and resume eligibility status.  A student who brings his/her grade up to passing during the week may be allowed to participate in the sport or activity provided the teacher of record has signed a document stating that the student is passing and the Assistant Principal for Athletic/designee has initialed approval of such.


    8     If the student earns a failing or incomplete grade at the end of a grading period, the student shall be ineligible to participate in a sport or activity the following week of competition for the current school year.  Should the week following the end of the grading term be a school recess week, the Athletic Director will review the student’s term grade on the first day back in session.  A failing or incomplete term grade will make the student ineligible for that week.  The student who is deemed ineligible per this term grade shall not resume eligibility for the week.


    9.    Each teacher shall be given a copy of the PUHSD Governing Board policy regarding No Pass/No Play as well as these guidelines.