• Visual Arts Magnet 

    Artists and Designers. Their creations are a delight for all to experience. With a stroke of a brush, a turn of the potter’s wheel, the click of the shutter, the feel of polished stone, the glint of silver jewelry, or computer animated characters and graphics images, our artists and designers have it all. South Mountain Center for Visual Arts gives students the opportunity to express creative thoughts and feelings, leaving an indelible mark on all who cast a glance. Participants enrolled in this unique program are provided with all the tools and supplies necessary to develop their own personal style. Low enrollment studio classes provide students with more quality instruction time than any other program of its kind in the District. An emphasis is placed on unique and high quality work. Instruction is provided by professionals whose area of expertise is the area in which they teach. Many of the instructors are also working artists whose works appear in state and national exhibits as well as local and national publications. Showcasing works of art throughout Phoenix is a major ingredient of the Visual Arts program. The Phoenix Art Museum, the Civic Plaza, the State Capitol, and community shows and exhibits highlight a few of the many locations where student art work is featured. We stress excellence, quality of work, and pride in one’s self in all of our programs. Visual Arts students and Faculty at South Mountain Center for Visual Arts are unique in their dedication to art.


    Ceramics 1-2
    Ceramics 3-4
    Ceramics 5-6

    Advanced Art Studio Ceramics

    • Preparation and use of glaze
    • A variety of ceramic forms developed
    • Development of aesthetic and functional design in three dimensional products

    Computer Art

    Computer Art 1-2 

    Advanced Art Studi Computer Art
    • State-of-the-art computer hardware and software featuring the Macintosh system
    • Emphasis on two and three-dimensional design
    • Animation and Photo imaging are an integral part of the program

    Drawing and Painting

    Drawing and Painting 1-2
    Drawing and Painting 3-4
    Advanced Art Studio Drawing and Painting
    • Individual programs emphasized
    • Scholarship portfolio developed
    • Full painting studio including airbrush

    Jewelry and Fiber Arts

    Jewelry and Fiber Arts 1-2
    Jewelry and Fiber Arts 3-4
    Advanced Art Studi Jewelry and Fiber Arts
    • Emphasis on original design and craftsmanship
    • Students will work in a wide variety of processes:
    • In jewelry enameling, metal-smithing, and lost-wax casting
    • In fibers, loom weaving, batik, tie-die, paper-making and basketry
    • Developing skills with a wide variety of art studio equipment


    Photography 1-2
    Photography 3-4
    Advanced Art Studi Photography
    • Emphasis on contemporary fine art photography
    • Including 35mm to large camera formats
    • Studio lighting
    • Traditional black and white film and printing techniques
    • Historic alternative processes


    Sculpture 1-2
    Sculpture 3-4
    Advanced Art Studi Sculpture
    • Emphasis on original thought based on the elements and principles of design
    • Students work with a variety of three-dimensional materials including stone, metal, wood, plastics and plaster
    • Equipment is very specialized, including hand and power tools

    Art Careers and Gallery Management

    • The study of art vocations
    • Exploration of galleries and art-related businesses
    • Emphasis on career opportunities