• Performing Arts: Dance 

    Performing Arts: Dance It takes more than motion to create the art of dance. It is an art that combines the grace of a pirouette and the power of a leap with the knowledge to combine both into beautiful movement for the world to see and enjoy. At the South Mountain High School Center for Performing Arts an intense and comprehensive curriculum awaits the college-bound and career-minded dancer. The curriculum includes modern, ballet and jazz, taught by professional staff. Program As a dance student you will receive instruction in the technique, history and theory of dance classes.
    Dance curriculum includes:
    • Ballet
    • Modern
    • Jazz
    • Anatomy
    • Dance History
    • Improvisation
    • Choreography
    • Dance Production
    • Portfolio development Department performances are given twice a year as well as a collaborative performance (Winter Showcase).

    Special perks:

    • Guest artists

    • Festivals

    • Extensive costume collection

    • Professional-level productions

    • Free dance training!