Business Management and Administrative Services

  • Business Management and Administrative Services (BMAS) is course is designed to prepare students for a career in any business or office environment. Students will acquire necessary skills for today’s business world. This course will let students learn, in a hands-on environment, about various aspects of how businesses operate.

    The classroom is designed to simulate an office setting. Each student is assigned to an office desk. Students work in small or large groups and in individual settings. Project based assignments will include working in groups or individually. 

    Office desks are equipped with modern computers with up to date software programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Publisher.  

    Written and oral communication are emphasized. BMAS content areas will include, but are not limited to, job skills, ethics, office management, marketing, human resources, economics, teamwork, and leadership. College credit will be offered.

  • Teachers:
    Ms. Englehorn  
    Mr. Herrera