• Welcome to Advanced Placement United States History!
       Many people view history merely as a set of dates and facts to be memorized, but history is much more than that. History is an organic, ever-changing discipline as new evidence is discovered and a revision of older, commonly held beliefs is explored. It is not enough to learn history itself; one must learn from history the true essence of the human experience. This new paradigm is what this class has been designed to provoke.
       Although the ultimate goal of this course is to prepare for an earn a passing score on the AP Exam in May 2014, students will be provided with content, applicable knowledge of American history, practice in critical thinking activities, and develop effective writing techniques. The skills learned in this course will form a beneficial foundation for future academic endeavors.
       College Board, a non-profit membership organization committed to excellence and equity in education that connects students to college success and opportunity, divides the course into periods of time and emphasizes themes throughout U. S. history. We will explore these themes as we work our way through the curriculum. This will be a rigorous course, but it will also be enjoyable. Hard work and dedication are essential to success.
    For your Information:

      The following website is an interesting look into the thought process of an historian:


    ALL APUSH students are required to take and successfully pass the Presidents Chronology Exam starting in Quarter 2!
       1. fill in the matrix with all 44 President's:  
              a. Term in Office
              b. Last Name
              c. First Name
              d. Political Party
                   i. 176 pieces of information total
       2. spelling counts
       3. scoring:
              a. Pass  = 100/100 OR Fail = 0/100
              b. taken on your own time
                   i. counts as "Study Hours" 
              c. can be taken multiple times until passed with a perfect score
       4. ALL Vice President's Full Names = + 1 Bonus Point
              a. your score could be > 100 points!