Bonjour !

    I am Emilio Cortés Delgadillo one of the World Language Teachers at Central High School.   It is my goal as a teacher to guide our students in the discovery of the francophone world and other cultures.   My goal is for every individual to develop his or her linguistic abilities so that they achieve and enjoy the immense academic and socioeconomic benefits that come with becoming multilingual.   In our age of modernity and increased human connections and cooperation, learning a second or third language will be essential.

    I graduated from ASU where I studied French Language and Literature, Spanish and Italian.   I went to high school right here in our wonderful and toasty valley of the sun, I am a graduate of Thunderbird High School.   Go Chiefs !   I was born in delicious and beautiful Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, the land of eternal spring and roses.   In third grade I started to learn English and that was when I began to be fascinated by languages and the flexibility and immense possibilities of the human mind.   I have had the pleasure of teaching languages to our wonderful students in PUHSD since 2009.

    I really encourage you to be involved in your son or daughter’s education and help him or her discover and develop his or her talents.  

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the French Program or World Languages at our school feel free to contact me by calling Central High School and ask to be transferred to me.   Please do so after 3PM once classes end, alternatively you may also email me at :

    I look forward to seeing you in my classroom !
    - M. Cortés