• Listed below are links to sites that will be extremely useful for success in my class:
    1.  Illuminate - Illuminate is our district's online assessment tool.  Students can access their district and teacher-created assessments and their results.  See your teacher for your login information.
    2.  Classzone - Classzone is out textbook's online version.  As we cannot issue textbooks to every student, access to the online edition will be provided.  This site provides assistance with vocabulary, test-taking strategies, study strategies, and so much more.

    3.  Turnitin - Universities across the globe use Turnitin.com as a writing portal to ensure students are writing their documents with academic integrity.  In addition, Turnitin allows student to critique other students' works anonymously and provides mechanics suggestions for writers.
    4.  Online AP Test Practice - This resource is available for students through the library's Gale Resources database.  It offers full AP review tests for numerous subjects.  A username and password is required for off-campus access. 
    5.  Online AP Language and AP Literature Flashcards from Varsity Tutors - Varsity Tutors provides free resources for numerous subject including AP Language and AP Literature.  These include flashcards, practice exams, focused assistance with key strategies, and much more.

    6.  Cappex - A useful site for researching your desired college and university destination.  Find demographic data, admittance requirements, and scholarship information vital to the next stage of your education.

    7.  AzCIS
    - Arizona's portal for student academic planning.  "AzCIS is designed to provide educational, career, and occupational information to help students in making better-informed career and school choices."  Students are required to periodically update this information as they progress through their high school years.
    8.  AP Language List of Rhetorical terms - This Quizlet site not only provides the words and definitions of the rhetorical terms, it provides pronunciation keys, note cards for study purposes.  This is the entire 118 word list the class began with before narrowing the list to the 46 focus words.
    9.  The Little, Brown Handbook - Throughout the year, you may be asked to visit this site to refresh or increase your understanding of standard English grammar.  With writing and grammar exercises and immediate results throughout the lessons, it greatly assists students' writing and editing abilities.