Environmental Actions and Research for Tomorrow's Habitat (E.A.R.T.H.) Club
    Sponsor(s): Ms. Turner and Ms. Rahman 
    Contact Information: Please call (602) 764-2000 X 42601   
    Meeting Dates/Times/Location: We have meetings every Wednesday from 3:00-3:15
                                                          We compost on Tuesday's: Denise and Ruby
                                                          We recycle on Thursday's: Sergio and Alexia
                                                          We garden on Friday's: Yuvixa, Anthony, Lanessa
                                                          We meet in
     room 505 

    Welcome to the EARTH Club's webpage.  Founded in 2008, our purpose is to promote environmental awareness and a positive outlook on our future through education and examples of our actions.  We provide a community for those choosing to live sustainably, share ideas, and pursue information on environmentalism.  We fulfill our purpose by collaborating with Maryvale High School students, faculty, staff, and administration to further our commitment to sustainability, conservation on campus, and consciousness raising.     
    Our officers this year are:                                         
    President: Denise Alvarez                     
    Vice-President: Alexia Heredia
    Treasurer: Carmen Villa
    Event Coordinator: Ruby Sandoval
    Historian: Sergio Moreno
    Secretary: Sheylin Arqueta
    Futurist: Steve Uriaste
    President Karina Working Hard:) EARTH Club Wins the Float Competition
    Cool Links to Check Out:
    Littering is Wrong!            http://www.litteringiswrongtoo.org/
    Plant a Tree!                     http://www.arborday.org/
    Recycling Competition     http://recycle-bowl.org/
    Explore Nature!                http://www.dimensionsfoundation.org/
    Arizona Recycles!            http://arizonarecyclingcoalition.com/
    Climate Action Network    https://climatenetwork.org/