• Red Mountain CG

    Color Guard / Honor Guard
    Coach:  CSM Detrinidad
    Color Guard Team Captain:  Lee Wade

     A Color Guard generally consists of the United States Flag, the Arizona State Flag, and two guards with replica M1903 Springfield rifles.
    The Honor Guard is responsible for raising and lowering the flag each day.  They do this in accordance with full military customs and courtesies.
    The 8th Battalion Color Guard is very active in the community.  In addition to providing Color Guards for many school events, they also provide honors for many prestigious non-school functions. They also compete may compete in formal competitions.  

    Competition Schedule 




     Fall   Home Football Games  Alhambra
    20 OCT
    Homecoming Parade Alhambra
    16 DEC Red Mountain Challenge Mesa
    TBD Phoenix Cadet Brigade Drill Meet Carl Hayden
    TBD Gallegos Invitational Drill Meet South Mountain
    6 APR Desert Classic Drill Meet (State Championship) Alhambra