• Nurse Colleen
    School Nurse:
    Phone: 602 764 8021
    Office Hours:

    Welcome to Metro Tech High School! My office is located in the administration building room 1430

    For Parents:
    Please fill out your students Emergency Health and medical Emergency Card (pink sheet) carefully. This form indicates if your student is taking any medication, has any allergies, and gives me permission to administer some over-the-counter medication to your student. If this form is not filled in or not turned in at the beginning of each school year I may will be unable to provide them care/medication.  The sheet also provides me with an emergency contact phone number(s) - please be sure it is correct and update it as needed to ensure I can reach you in the case of a medical emergency.

    Please be aware that you, or someone you have designated as an emergency contact, must be available to retrieve your student. Students are not allowed to sign themselves out of school!

    Medications-Students are not allowed to carry medications( this includes inhalers). Please call or have your student stop into the nurse office if s/he will be needing to use medication during school hours.

    If your student has a Chronic Medical Condition (such as Diabetes or Asthma) please call or have your student stop into  the office so the correct paperwork can be completed and used in their education plan. This must be done at the beginning of each new school year.
    Your student is allowed to come to the nurse for medical emergencies only during class time. If your student if coming frequently your student will be advised to follow up with a doctor. Frequent nurse visits are associated with excessive absence and a higher drop out rate.
    * It is your responsibility to update me with any medical/health information that relates to your student's performance in school.
    **If you do not have a doctor or health insurance please let me know and I can provide you with free or low cost medical/dental resources.
     For Students:
    Please come to the nurse office when you are not in class.
    You must obtain a pass from your teacher if you have a medical emergency during classtime. If is at the end of class you will need to obtain a pass from the next teacher.
    You must be wearing your ID to come to the nurse office.
    When you receive information from me please share it with your parents.If you are coming to the nurse office frequently during classtime I will refer you to a doctor. It is important that you return any medical paperwork you receive to me so that I may update your record.
                                    Thank you and I look forward to another great school year here at Metro Tech!