• Importance of the Phoenix Union District and High School Brands 

    It is important that all communications from Phoenix Union High Schools follow guidelines. Using the recommended logos and colors is important in presenting a consistent image to our students, parents, community members, and employees. The successful application of our image creates a familiarity with our community and schools and conveys professionalism.

    Purpose of Graphic Standards

    As a District of individual schools, we must be consistent in the use of our logo for all materials we produce. The school and district logos should be applied following the guidelines below in order to project a more unified and stronger visual image to the community and to better reflect the Phoenix Union High School District's educational mission. 

    Guidelines for Logo Use 

    • The logo must retain the original and official logo colors in any re-printing.
    • If the logo is re-sized, it must retain its original properties.
    • If additional text is added near the logo, it must not appear to be part of the logo.
    • The logos may not be rotated or flipped in any way.
    • Do not rearrange the symbol and logotype relationships. 

    PXU and associated school logos are not for commercial use and cannot be used for profit by a person/company other than the district, school, or approved school club.

    If you have any questions regarding the application of any of the school logos or need permission to use the logos outside of the approved applications, please contact the Communications Division at 602-764-1528. 

    By clicking the link below, you are stating you have read and are willing to comply with the Phoenix Union High School District's policy regarding all logos guidelines. After you click the link you will be directed to a webpage with downloadable files. 



    The current DISTRICT LOGOS is unavailable until further notice, please refrain from printing or ordering any materials using the current district logo.