• Executive Team

    Executive Team Member

    Administrative Assistant

    John Biera
    Executive Director of Leadership

    Lori Nassif
    Sr. Administrative Specialist

    Gloria Butler
    Executive Director of Finance

    Isela Alvarez
    Sr. Administrative Specialist

    Anthony (Tony) Camp
    Executive Director of Teaching
    & Learning

    Marina Apodaca
    Sr. Administrative Specialist

    Esperanza Ceballos
    Executive Assistant to the
    Governing Board


    Edith Corona
    Executive Assistant


    Richard Franco
    Director of Marketing &

    Merle Flores
    Bilingual Communications Admin Assistant

    Juvenal (Juve) Lopez
    Executive Director of Talent 
    Samantha Keene
    Sr. Administrative Specialist

    Alyssa Tarkington
    Executive Director of Student
    & Family Services

    Patricia Salinas
    Sr. Administrative Specialist 

    Laura Telles
    Executive Director of
    Technology & Logistics

    Cathy Montalbo
    Sr. Administrative Specialist

    Eileen D. Fernandez
    General Counsel