• Transition from High School

    What are Transition Services?
    Transition services are a set of coordinated activities to assist a student's movement from school to post-school activities. These services are designed to help your child adjust to life after he or she is no longer eligible for school-related services. The law requires that transition services be provided to all students with disabilities, beginning at fourteen (14) years of age or younger, if appropriate. When appropriate, the IEP team will plan and oversee the implementation of these transition services.

    Each of our  campuses  has access to a  Job Developer, who works with our Special Education students to develop a transition plan for what will happen when they complete  their high school programs.  This includes vocational interest assessments and various other services to make students aware of what options are available to them. 
    The Phoenix Union High School District is a participant in the Secondary Transition Mentoring Project (STMP) in association with the Arizona Department of Education and the University of Kansas Transition Coalition.