• Here is an overview of some of the programs we offer:

    Community Skills classes are designed for students with

    moderate,severe and multiple disabilities who require total

    modification of the general education curriculum. The courses

    include academic instruction but emphasize those functional skills

    that will be needed to live as independently and productively as

    possible.The program is designed to teach these skills in the

    natural environments in which these skills are to be used, such

    as school, vocational, recreational and community settings.


    Practical Strand classes are designed for students with mild

    cognitive disabilities who require total modification of the

    general education curriculum. These students are instructed

    in the Arizona Alternative Academic Standards. The academic

    ability of these students is at or below the 3rd grade level. The

    courses include academic, functional, and job preparation skills

    instruction with an emphasis on practical concepts that will be

    needed for work and independent living.


    Inclusion codes indicate that significant curriculum modifications

    are required for the student in regular education classes in

    order for the student to meet success. Significant curriculum

    modifications need to be determined by the student’s IEP team.


    The S.U.C.C.E.S.S.Seminar class is designed for students placed in

    Special Education programs who have exhibited inappropriate behavior in a

    majority of classes. The course teaches students to recognize appropriate

    and inappropriate behavior as it relates to others. Students will (a) gain

    personal insights and discover how inappropriate behavior affects their

    lives and others, (b ) gain better control over their lives and become more

    responsible for theiractions, (c) learn to communicate more effectively,

    (d) become better decision makers, and (e) gain a better self-image. The

    course may be repeated for credit.


    Educational Rehabilitation Center {ERC} is a district wide program for students that have sustained some kind of injury or illness that has altered their ability to function in a typical academic setting.  Resources are needed that are often are not available on most campuses.  These students now need a program that will include an IEP, which by its very nature is individualized.  There are no cut and dry criteria for who fits into this program.  These are some of the guidelines I use, but again it is subjective.

    ·         TBI 3- years post injury

    ·         Brain tumors

    ·         Severe spinal cord injury

    ·         Major life changes in a student as a result of a progressive disease.

    ·         Does not need a self-contained classroom.

    ·         Needs extensive therapy to be successful in an academic setting.

    ·         Cognitively higher than our MOMR students.

    ·         Will not be a danger to other students.

    Gifted Programs

    All of our comprehensive campuses have a Gifted Facilitator, and most offer Gifted Seminar as an elective class  along with other services for gifted students.  If you are the parent of a gifted-identified student, you can contact the counseling department at your child's campus for additional information.