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    Ceramics 1-2:

    Ceramics 1-2 is a beginning level course that provides an opportunity for students to explore three- dimensional design with clay.   The study of ceramics helps students develop an awareness of functional and sculptural form, knowledge of ceramic techniques and a basic understanding of design aesthetics.  Studies of Ceramic artwork and the process of contemporary artists, world cultures and various periods of ceramic history will be studied.

    Ceramics 3-4:

    Ceramics 3-4 is an intermediate level course that provides students an opportunity to become familiar with sources and characteristics of clay as an art medium. Students in this class will create functional and sculptural art objects that demonstrate more advance levels of understanding of three-dimensional design aesthetics in hand building and pottery wheel methods. Students will also study glaze preparation, and a greater variety of surface decoration techniques, various firing techniques, and an in-depth understanding of the functions and operations of the ceramic studio.

     Independent Study Ceramics:

    Independent students are to have taken ceramics 1-4 and are ready to design their own course of study in collaboration with the instructor.