• Visual ArtsArt

    AP Studio Art:

    Two Semester Course: Meets the fine arts credit required for graduation and possible college credit. In fine arts and humanities. Grade Level: 11, & 12

    Prerequisite: Drawing & Painting 1-2, 3-4, Art 1-2, 3-4, Digital Photo 1-2, 3-4 , OR instructor’s approval with portfolio review and interview


    This advanced college level course provides second, third, and fourth year art students who have interests and talents the opportunity to further develop their abilities in the use of tools and materials of the professional artist by developing a high quality portfolio to be reviewed by the College Board. Students will be encouraged to develop self-motivated studio practices and disciplines in three major areas; 1. Quality, 2. Breadth (Skill and Variety), Concentration (Concentrated subject/theme, or media of choice). All three of the above areas must demonstrate “growth” throughout the school year. 

    It is strongly recommended that students enrolled in this class understand that it is an advanced level course with high expectations, due dates, and dedication to creating a high quality art portfolio. Critical thinking, writing, research on artists, culture, sketchbooks, and history, and the ability to analyze and interpret artwork is a fundamental portion of this course. Group collaboration will also be incorporated.