Homebound Program
    Phone #:   602-764-1736


    Mrs. Linda Perkins

    Email:  perkins@phoenixunion.org   Phone:  602-764-1736


    Mr. Robert Nagy  

    Email:  nagy@phoenixunion.org   Phone:  602-764-1737


    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do students qualify for the Homebound Program?

    Students who qualify for the Homebound Program are those students who will be out of school for more than 90 consecutive calendar days due to a serious illness (cancer, issues with a pregnancy, etc.) or injury (car accident etc.).


    Parents requesting Homebound Program services for their son or daughter begin this process by contacting their home school registration office.  The home school registration office will contact the Homebound Instructional Leader, Mrs. Linda Perkins.


    What paperwork needs to be submitted?

    Parents must submit a Homebound Medical form filled out by the doctor administering care to their student.   The form is submitted to the Homebound Instructional Leader, Mrs. Linda Perkins. Parents can obtain a Homebound Medical form from their home school registration office.


    What is the Homebound program contact information?

    Phone: Linda Perkins   602-764-1736

    Email:  perkins@phoenixunion.org


    Where is the Homebound Program located?

    The Homebound Program is located on the Bostrom High School campus at 3535 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ  85017.  This is the north east corner of 27th Avenue and Osborn Road.


    Courses offered?

    English:                                                                 Mathematics:

               English 1-8                                                                Intro to Algebra 1-2

               English Review I-IV                                                   Algebra 1-2

               ESL English                                                                Algebra 3-4

    Social Studies:                                                                      Algebra Lab 1-4

                    World History 1-2

                    U.S. History 1-2





                    Independent Reading 1-2

                    Enrichment Seminar



    Anything else?

    If you’re unsure if your child qualifies, please call Linda Perkins at 602-764-1736


    If your child receives SPED services, they will continue with modifications due the needs of their illness.


    Homebound Instruction

    Once the student is accepted into the Homebound Program, the student and parent will attend a registration/orientation meeting.  A time and day for instruction will be determined at this meeting.


    The student will come to the Homebound Program office once a week for 4 hours of instruction. Students will receive direct, one-on-one instruction with each of the three Homebound Program teachers. The student will also receive homework to complete and to bring with them the following the week at their designated time.


    Students who are in the hospital or confined to a bed at home will receive instruction at the hospital or home until they are well enough to come to the Homebound Program office.