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    Name: Brandon McNutt
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Biology
    Degree(s): BA-ASU/MA-University of Phoenix

    Welcome to my home page! I am Mr. McNutt and I teach Biology here at Camelback High School. This is my 16th year teaching in the Phoenix Union High School District.
    Biology 1-2 is a laboratory science course designed to meet the Arizona and national standards for the life sciences. It focuses on the life sciences and the manner in which science critical thinking skills are used to study living organisms. Enduring understandings and essential questions center on Heredity, The Cell, Evolution, and Energy and Living Systems.
    I graduated from Arizona State University. I earned my BA at ASU and MA from the University of Phoenix in Curriculum Instruction. I am SEI endorsed.
    If you need to contact me please call 602-764-7000 or email me at the above email address.
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