• Name:       Daniel Rague   
    Subjects:  AP Calculus AB Honors
    Degree(s): Masters degree from ASU
    Email: rague@phoenixunion.org
    Welcome to my school website! I look forward to helping you become a successful AP Calculus AB student during the 2022-23 school year. 
    Need assistance or tutoring? This schedule is fluid, but typically you can find me in room 5215 before school, during advisory or lunch. If allowed, bring your lunch to 5215 and work on your assignments with a friend. I strongly encourage you to find a Calculus "buddy" to help you master the concepts. With Calculus, if you don't understand a concept it is best to seek help "Early and Often".
    If absent or needing to rewatch the lesson, please find uploaded material/videos on the classroom Canvas website.
    The best way to reach me is through Teams or email at rague@phoenixunion.org

    Mock exam 2016-17