• Nicole Klopp, M.Ed.  
    602-764-3000 x 61329
    English 3-4, AP Language & Composition
    Bachelor's Degree:  University of Arizona
    Master's Degree - Curriculum & Instruction:  Arizona State University 
    Things Fall Apart

    Hello, my name is Nikki Klopp and I have taught English at Carl Hayden for five years.  I teach on-level sophomores and the Advanced Placement course for juniors.  I enjoy reading and teaching literature, and I hope to instill the same love of reading in my students. The focus of the English 3-4 class is to introduce students to a variety of world literature, including novels such as Like Water for Chocolatea and Things FAll Apart.   Additionally, we focus on the six traits of writing, helping students to prepare for the AIMS reading and writing tests.  AP Language & Composition is a college-level course that focuses on the study of rhetoric and non-fiction.  We read a variety of texts including Fast Food Nation and Into the Wild.

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