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    Athlete Checklist

    The following checklist will help you complete the clearance process for athletic/activity participation:


    1. Aktivate (Register My Athlete)

    Make an account on www.registermyathlete.com

    • Electronic Documents: Parent & Student
      • AIA Consent to treat
      • PXU Informed Consent Form
      • PXU Informed Consent Video
      • AIA MTBI Concussion Form
    • Final E-Signatures:
      • Parent/Guardian
      • Student-Athlete
    • Physical Documents: Student
      • AIA Annual Pre-participation Physical Evaluation
        • Hard copies at the Athletics Office available
        • ALL pages need to be completed
        • Doctor’s office stamp is required
      • AIA NFHS Brainbook & Opioid Courses**
        • Completion Certificate
    • School Fee: Student
      • Pay $2.00 Participation fee at Campus Bookstore (per sport)
      • Bring receipt to the Athletics Office


    **AIA Academy

    Go to academy.azprep365.com create an account. Certificates should link to your RMA account. If they do not, please come to the APC Office.

    Student Transfers: 550 Form REQUIRED; it does not grant athletic eligibility. Click on the link to start filling out the form. AIA Form 550 - Student Information - AIA Admin (aiaonline.org)

  • Training & Try-outs

    NO STUDENT-ATHLETE CAN PARTICIPATE IN SUMMER OR IN-SEASON TRYOUTS, CAMPS/CLINICS, PRACTICE/TRAINING, or COMPETITION without being fully and properly cleared and documented within the Aktivate(RMA) database. 

    Fall Sports

    Summer Training — Tryouts first week of school

    Winter Sports

    Fall Training —Tryouts in November

    Spring Sports

    Winter TrainingTryouts in February

  • When you complete the Checklist, visit the Athletics Office and you will receive your Clearance Certificate!!