• Name:  David Lewton
    Subjects / Classes Taught: English 7 & 8
    Email: lewton@phoenixunion.org

    I began teaching at Carl Hayden Community High School in 2003.  I have taught  every level of English offered here, and have been teaching seniors since 2013.  Prior to teaching I have worked at a circuit board factory, from entry level plater to team leader, resort hotels, I was one of the opening staff of the Princess in Scottsdale, from pot washer to senior supervisor, and  later, I worked at the Hyatt-Regency at Gainey Ranch as an assistant executive.  So I came to education with an awareness of the importance of planning, as well as the work necessary to make things that most people cannot see on the surface so things will work smoothly and effectively. 
    English studies: active reading and academic writing is the foundation for every other active field of study.  Learning to carefully read literature is the essential skill that students will use when researching for all other studies.  English is also where students learn the "nuts and bolts" of essay writing.  More and more, a person's writing is  the first (and unfortunately, all too often, only) thing a potential employer sees--writing has never mattered more than it does today.
    • Room #1318
    • Office Hours 7:30-8:00 a.m., 3:00-3:30 p.m.