• Name: David R. Coey
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Adult Survival, English, Physical Science, U.S. Government, Economics
    Degree(s): Grand Valley State University: Bachelor degress in Psychology with a minor in Occupational Safety and Health.
                     Davenport University: Bachelor in Business with a minor in and Communication.
                     Arizona State University: Masters degree in Special Education.

    Please type a welcome message or professional bio: I have been teaching Special Education in Phoenix, Arizona for 10+ years. I am also active in Carl Hayden sports and working with the Don't be Cruel to Animales club.  

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    • Room #817
    • Office Hours: 6:30am - 7:30am and 3:00pm - 4:00
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    • Expectations: That students strive to perform to the best ability at all times. I do not accept " I don't know" , "I cann't", or I am too dumb.
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    • Clubs sponsored/Sports coached: Girls' Freshmen Volleyball, Don't Be Cruel to Animal