• IB Exams begin May 1 and will continue through May 19.  Please review the exam schedule to identify your exam(s) date(s) and time(s).
    • IB EXAMS ARE FREE and students are required to attend their scheduled exams. 
    • IB Scores will be released the first week of July, students were given their personal access username and password.
    • Scores are free if students complete and submit the College Acceptance Form which was mailed to them. They need to complete the form. If not, a fee will be charged for access their IB Transcript (scores) for college.


    1. All exams will be held in the Small Gym
    2. Exam dates and times cannot / will not change
    3. If students are ill or running late, please contact:
      1. Ms. Miller, Principal’s Office 602-764-9020 or cmiller@phoenixunion.org
      2. The IB Office will be closed during exams
      3. If students do not contact Ms. Miller, the exam will be recorded as ABSENT and students may incur exam fees
      4. If students  are not officially excused via the registration office, students will incur exam fees
    4. Students may arrive late. If arrival is more than 30 minutes late to any exam, students forfeit their opportunity to earn college credit and will not be permitted entrance
    5. Students may bring water ONLY, a good luck charm small enough to place on their desk, and we encourage students to dress warm – it gets cold in the gym
    6. Students need to get plenty of rest and study for exams!!!
    7. Small snacks will be provided at each exam
    8. If you have questions, please contact the IB Office.


    Exam Schedules are located in the following locations:

    1.  The Fairfax IB Webpage

    2. The IB Bulletin Board outside of room 2222

    3. The Small Gym door

    4. Every IB Teacher, Administrator, Ms. Rubio and Ms. Miller have a copy 

    5. Three class meetings were held for students and hard copies were provided for each student

    6. The exam calendar was emailed to parents and students