The Freshman Experience at Phoenix Educator Preparatory


    freshman program of study  


    Our Freshman Experience is designed to introduce students to the field of education. The curriculum includes four honors content classes, Health 1 online, and a unique class called Education Professions 1-2, which is designed to help students discover different career paths in education and explore their interests. Through a customized program of study, students have the opportunity to obtain college credits and approach an associate degree by the time they graduate high school. 



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    Continuum of College & Career Experiences

    college and career continuum  


    Students at Phoenix Educator Preparatory engage in service learning, field visits and career research to gain real-world understanding of education. They also begin a 4-year Capstone Project, where they explore their personal interests and passions. Freshmen participate in a pledging ceremony, choosing one of 5 paths (Elementary Teaching, Secondary Teaching, Counseling, Social Work or Educational Psychology). This marks an important milestone and signifies their commitment to education.



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    One of the most exciting and unique aspects of the Freshman Experience at Phoenix Ed Prep is the opportunity to participate in Communities of Practice. Communities of Practice bring together students, staff, and community members to learn and grow with each other in their shared passions.



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