• Betty Fairfax had 33 students submit 38 pieces of art into the Arizona State Fair Art Contest this year.  The contest had over 1,500 pieces entered in the various categories and age groups.  The Fairfax students did an excellent job and placed 33 of their 38 pieces in the top 10 of their categories, with 19 of these pieces placing in the top 3.  Our students had eight - 1st place, five - 2nd place, and six - 3rd place pieces.  Some of our students received recognition for more than one piece.  These students have an asterisk by their name.  Junior Raheek Aljnabi did exceptionally well and placed first in two different categories. Scroll down to see some of the images of their work.

    First Place 

    Name                                        Grade   Title                                   Category 

    1. Raheek Aljnabi*              11          AOT                                   Charcoal 
    2. Raheek Aljnabi*              11          Oh Gee                              Mixed Media 
    3. Ann Lisonbee*                 12          Retro Dreams                  Digital Image Collage 
    4. Chloe Otioti                      11          Total Guitar                     Advertising/Marketing 
    5. Maressa Villa                   12          Dazed Magazine Cover  Advertising/Marketing 
    6. Angel Riley                       11          Light Painting                   Special Photography Techniques 
    7. Makenzi Shirley               9            Forest Life                         Color Pencil 
    8. Jhyromy Silva*                 12          Constellation Sorceress  Manipulated Image 


    Second Place 

    1. Keyshawn Lyons              10          Gyormth Giant                Pen and Ink 
    2. Kamilah Harris                 11          Disc. of the Sea Cove Creature   Marker 
    3. Sydney Smith                   11          Magazine Cover               Advertising/Marketing 
    4. Gabrielle Barajas             12          Brian May                         Mixed Media 
    5. Itzel Paco Montano        12          Summer Night Lights      Acrylic 


    Third Place 

    1. Elizabeth Sanchez           10          Sea Life                             Pencil 
    2. Rosie Garcia                     12          Angels in Water               Mixed Media 
    3. Torie Douse                     11          Eye See You                      Watercolor 
    4. Alyssia Anaya                   11          Upside Down                   Charcoal 
    5. Evangaleen Rodriguez    9            Magnificent Heart           Color Pencil 
    6. Jhyromy Silva*                 12          Hands of Owls                 Pen and Ink 


    Fourth Place 

    1. Allex Martin                     12          Beautiful Majestic Beast Color Pencil 


    Fifth Place 

    1. Susannah Perez               12          Music is Everywhere      Mixed Media 
    2. Seth Pelascini                   11          Aquatic Encounter         Color Pencil 
    3. Enyssa Fulwilder             10          Family Tree                       Color Pencil 


    Seventh Place 

    1. Camila Pacheco               9            Forest Secret                    Pencil 
    2. Elizabeth Marron            10          Unnatural Arteries          Colored Pencil 


    Eighth Place 

    1. Mia Bustos                       12          Four - Armed Lady          Mixed Media 
    2. Kevin Acevedo                 9            Lurking Presence             Pencil 


    Nineth Place 

    1. Ann Lisonbee*                 12          King Duck                         Mixed Media 
    2. Daniel Gonzalez              9            Run!                                   Pencil 
    3. Rene Roos                        10          Fauna of the Mind          Watercolor 
    4. Anai Mendoza                 12          South Mountain              Manipulated Images 


    Tenth Place 

    1. Ema Ochoa                       10          Survival                             Pencil 
    2. Ayanna Cruz Martinez   11          Dream House                   Acrylic